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    The networkSecurity services

    Safety assessment:On the basis of《GB/T20984-2007 Information security technology Information security risk assessment standards》In information security risk assessment technical services;
    Code audits:Malicious code audit technical services;
    Security reinforcement:Accordance with the requirements of the safety baseline and vulnerability risk security reinforcement technique service;
    Emergency response:As aCNCERTNetwork security emergency services support units,According to the“Active defense、Found in a timely manner、A quick response、Lift the recovery”The policy of positive response network security incident emergency response support;
    Security consulting:Network security system design、Planning and technical advisory services;

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    Information security Level protection

    Information security rank protection gap analysis for construction projects,Risk assessment;
    Information security rank protection projects implementation。

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    Public safety

    Use of big data、Cloud computing、The mobile Internet、The Internet of things and the technology of artificial intelligence,
    Build cloud to end public safety solutions,To construct360Degree of protection、Visual、Predictions、The command、Analysis system,
    Improve emergency response speed,The key breakthrough、Precision,Improve law enforcement efficiency maximum,Provide technical support for building a harmonious peace society。

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    WebSSAS Web site Security situation awareness system

    Remote sense,Without the plugin;
    Real-time monitoring,Real-time alarm;
    Guaranteed,Without fear;

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    Data disaster

    Center city double live、Both three centers、Cloud disaster such as a variety of solutions
    A centralized disaster backup management
    Support acceleration data deduplication and transmission
    Branch unified disaster

Service content

Company profile

Crown cloud technology was established2002Years,Headquarters is located in lanzhou city, gansu province,In xining city in qinghai province、Establish a branch in urumqi in xinjiang,Suzhou city, jiangsu province set up a research and development center。Crown cloud to seize the opportunity of science and technology innovation,Based on user is in the process of transformation into industry,On the basis of independent research and development technology,To develop the network security and public security actual combat operations services,Driven by service,Technical drivers drive and management as the core competitiveness of the operation and management mode。

Crown cloud technology is focused on network security and public security actual combat operation service of high-tech enterprises。Based on years ofITService experience,Crown cloud technology creativity is proposed“Crown cloud·Cloud services”Concept and implementation of promotion。Crown cloud with strong ability of independent research and development of science and technology、Professional technical ability and the localization service advantages,Committed to the industry users to provide a full range of network security products、Solutions and services。Crown cloud technology consulting service covers planning design、Research and development、The implementation、Operations,User distribution mainly in public security、The people's procuratorate、The court、The prison、The government、The troops、Financial、Education, and other areas of the industry。

Crown cloud technology with in the future“Continuous innovation”As has been constant pursuit,Will, as always, in accordance with the company strategy plan,Adhering to the spirit of innovation,Understand the technology foresight,Focused on safety operation。“Crown cloud technology”With their own hands and wisdom to realize to be an expert of network security and public security service enterprise goals,To explore the transformation for the development of China's first-class high-tech enterprises。

Independent products

Law enforcement in audio cloud platform

Law enforcement digital at the scene、Platform、Intelligent

Visual detection synthetic combat platform

Personnel information related to effective information management and smooth operation

Forensic to actual combat system

Resources sharing case clues,Improve the case detection rate

The web site group

For data sharing、Presented collection of related web sites

The mobile Internet industry solutions

WeChat public service management/The portal

Content management system

For digital content management system

Enterprise application model

Collaborative work system/Information management system

Cloud computing infrastructure

Virtualized cloud computing infrastructure


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