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Deyang continuous China petrochemical gas co., LTD
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Deyang continuous China petrochemical gas co., LTD

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1、For you and your family's safety,When the use of fuel gas appliances,Please open the interior doors and Windows,Maintain indoor airiness,To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning。2、To check the gas hose、Joint,Found a hose aging、Have been broken、Loose connection,Should be replaced immediately。Hose life is less than2Years。3、It is strictly prohibited to install、Modified gas pipeline and facilities。4、More than use fixed number of year of fuel gas appliances should be replaced in a timely manner。5、Fuel gas user want to cooperate with company of professional safety inspection,Found hidden dangers,Should be timely rectification。6、Do not install in the fuel gas facilities stacked around flammable items。7、When indoor have a gas leak(Smells rotten eggs),The indoor gas valves should be closed,Open the Windows and doors,And in outdoor dialing gas disaster and immediately110、119The phone,Turn on the light and the use of electrical equipment is forbidden。

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Address:Deyang city, sichuan province, changbai mountain high and new technology industrial park road1Number。

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Deyang continuous China petrochemical gas co., LTD. (by jingyang wholly owned assets——Continuous Chinese assets investment management co., LTD and sinopec sales co., LTD in sichuan、Sichuan JTG tripartite joint venture set up petrochemical gas co., LTD,And in2014Years6Month4Formed。The company is located in deyang city, tianyuan town, the west side of north second ring road section,Cover an area of an area15m

According to the company《Company law》And《The articles of association》Standard operation,The shareholders' committee、The board of directors、The board of supervisors、Supervision and management department management team decisions,Implement the manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors,The company has offices、The finance department、The engineering department、Business management department、Safety management、Fees and other business and service hall。Company existing staff22More than one。Senior engineer3Name、Engineer5Name、Senior skilled worker2Name。Technical secondary school or above degree of cultural total number of employees accounted for the worker70%。The company size:Registered capital of the company1000Ten thousand yuan。Now laying gas mains14Kilometers,Live with province built hall approval“And three towns”Gas supply area,Has accumulated signing civil gas users3000Homes,Industrial users3Households,Daily distribution capacity40Ten thousand square。

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