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Chongqing cabled new materials technology consulting service center,Is a collection branch、Work、Trade in a body comprehensive enterprise。Mainly engaged in...[In more detail]

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Fall silent expansion agent use matters needing attention
According to the weather forecast:The highest temperature reached during the day10-20℃The left and right sides,Sunny no rain in the north,Temperature difference between day and night10℃The above;The south Yin...[In more detail]
Fall silent expansion agent use matters needing attention2019-9-8
Construction personnel must wear goggles,Plastic gloves2019-7-8
The spring without a broken rock expansion agent agent construction skills2019-2-19
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Address:Chongqing gele mountain town
The phone:023-68308599  15730194395
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Chongqing cabled expansion agent factory Address:Chongqing gele mountain town
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