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Jie of huainan city, cleaning service co., LTD. Is a collection of daily cleaning、Professional cleaning、Wax curing and other diversified services in huainan cleaning cleaning company

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Equipped with a stable and professional cleaning service team,Every employee has the good professional ethics and rich experience in the field,Combined with various advanced cleaning equipment

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High-level glass curtain wall、External wall cleaning, and exterior renovation of paint、Engineering leakproof bare、Clean decoration engineering、Toilet dredge pipeline、Trash pickup suction droppings, etc
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    Jie cleaning was formally established

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    Customer trust and support

  • 2018Years

    The introduction of advanced cleaning equipment

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    Professional training staff

Knowledge of cleaning

Professional training,With professional dedication、Pragmatic、Innovation、Good at thinking based on the theory of efficient work,Build a spotless clean space for you
Knowledge of cleaning
  • Household cleaning of common sense2018-05-18

    With egg white to wipe dirty leather sofa can be used a piece of clean flannelette to dip some egg white to wipe,Both the stains can be removed,And can make the leather face shining first with toothpaste wipe the refrigerator refrigerator body general dirt,Can dip in with soft cloth with a little toothpaste wipe slowly...

  • Family do forest cleaning steps2018-05-14

    Family forest cleaning,Just as its name implies is a new house decoration for the first time after cleaning,After the new house decoration decorate legacy will always be some junk,Like bubble gum、Coatings、Concrete and so on...

  • Floor waxing maintain a trilogy Let a floor radiant in winter2018-05-11

    Dry climate in winter,Especially the indoor heating,Easy to cause more dry air in the bedroom,In order to make the floor“The skin”More moist,To increase the number floor waxing extend the life of many people's choice...

  • Clean tips:Carpet use process matters needing attention2018-05-11

    A、The carpet stains,Should be cleaned in time,After a long time will be difficult to remove。2、Carpet surface beware of sharp scratches and cigarette burns。3、The new open carpet use mild hairs will come early,Belongs to the normal phenomenon。...

  • Different kinds of curtain cleaning method2018-05-11

    A variety of curtain has a different cleaning method。You may know one or two,But in the actual to clean,The two really good enough?Below we list6Different kinds of cleaning methods of the curtain,You don't know...

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